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A Message from Dwight Brown – Canadian Mobile Security & Encryption Expert

Attention Android & BlackBerry PGP Encryption Re-Sellers

EMM Solutions Expert Dwight Brown

  1. I believe that when it comes to helping Android & BlackBerry PGP Encryption Re-Sellers, not every company or service is alike or as secureHaving supplied many of the world’s top PGP Encryption Networks, they all had their different configurations for deployment. Some are more secure and private than other networks… and some were better to re-sell than others!
  2.  I also believe that BlackBerry PGP Encryption is still the best way to secure and encrypt your mobile communications. There have been a lot of new entrants claiming PGP and BlackBerry isn’t secure and then proclaiming their new offering is better. THAT IS RUBBISH!! Many of the new products we have investigated have proven to be LESS SECURE and MORE VULNERABLE to being hacked and eavesdropped on. There have been news stories and claims BlackBerry with PGP is now hackable.  I have personally investigated these claims, and determined that IF done correctly, that cannot happen with PGP and BlackBerry on a BES server.
  3. Android & BlackBerry PGP Encryption Re-sellers

    German Chancellor Andrea Merkel with a BlackBerry PGP Encryption mobile device

    I truly believe too many ‘fools rushed in’ to the Android & BlackBerry PGP Encryption marketplace a few years ago.  I witnessed WAY too many trying to peddle ‘half baked’ solutions. Thankfully this eventually resulted in:  1) Better PGP Encryption companies started to only ‘white list’ their superior and friendly competitor mobiles, thus making it harder for the poorer operators to sell their solutions 2) Many of those weak competitors wound up in the scrap heap where their ramshackle encrypted solutions belong.
  4. I strongly believe Android & BlackBerry PGP Encryption providers should provide you with the knowledge, advice and support you need to make sound decisions in a fast and easy to understand manner. You should be able to just pick up the phone, use a chat window or bang out an email and get your answers handled ASAP,  as opposed to the usual 48-72 hour lag time you get from most re-sellers. With all the considerations in Encrypted Mobile Security, it should be laid out in simple to understand terms as well. Imagine having this type of service and support every time you needed something in technology? No endless waiting and waiting or guessing what is right for you… sounds nice doesn’t it?
  5. Most importantly, I believe that Zezel has a solution that should fit your needs… Now I’m not saying in every scenario, but for most Android & BlackBerry PGP Encryption Re-Seller needs, we can handle it. Having dealt with encrypted mobile security needs with more companies than any other expert on this great planet of ours, it really doesn’t matter if you require Android, then you should look at the theZphone the world’s safest and most secure Android PGP Crypto phone with it’s ‘MONEY BACK UN-HACKABLE’ GUARANTEE,  or you want to re-sell  BlackBerry OS7 PGP licenses,  Zezel L.L.C. can help you with it all!

I'm here to help you with your BlackBerry PGP Encryption Re-seller needs!

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If you are looking to offer encryption devices (BlackBerry and Android) and you want good service, support, easy to activate, full portal control of your business then talk to us. This approach to help you serve your customers and ensures you are in dealing with the right distributor.

We have the world's most secure crypto phone, theZphone, backed by our 'Money Back UN-HACKABLE GUARANTEE'.

We have built our business helping re-sellers get the mobile encrypted services they need. We and have the know-how if you are looking to build or supply your very own Android and BlackBerry PGP Encrypted Services to your clients.

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