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The 5 things I really believe about Mobile Security

EMM Solutions Expert Dwight Brown

  1. I believe that when it comes to Mobile Security and Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions (EMM Solutions), is that every organization should have the ability to use different mobile devices, on different carriers, in different parts of the world.  Not only that, all devices should be able to perform at the highest level of security and efficiency and give your organization peace of mind in this hacking and security breach crazy world.

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  2. I also believe that the vast majority of organizations that require Mobile Security should not have to deploy more than one platform to manage and secure all their devices. Why have multiple devices on multiple platforms with all the inherent added procurement costs & IT staff training, when one platform could provide all that you need to secure AND manage your fleet of mobile devices?
  3. I truly believe too many ‘fools rushed in’ to the mobile security space a few years ago when BlackBerry refused to open up their rock solid security to other Operating Systems.  I witnessed way too many companies trying to peddle ‘half baked’ solutions. Thankfully two things happened:  1) BlackBerry finally opened up to securing and managing other Operating Systems and devices in 2012. 2) Many of those weak competitors wound up in the tech company scrap heap where they belong.
  4. I strongly believe consultants and organizations in the mobile security space should provide you with the knowledge, advice and support you need to make sound decisions in a fast and easy to understand manner. You should be able to just pick just up the phone, use a chat window or bang out an email and get your answers handled ASAP,  as opposed to the usual 48-72 hour lag time you get from most tech vendors. With all the considerations in EMM, it should be laid out in simple to understand terms as well. Imagine having this type of service and support every time you need something in tech? No endless waiting and waiting or guessing what is right for you… sounds nice doesn’t it?
  5. Lastly, I believe that BlackBerry’s BES12 has a solution that fits most organizational needs… Now I’m not saying every scenario, but for most I’ve seen, BES12 can handle it. Having dealt with mobile security more than any other expert on this great planet of ours, it really doesn’t matter if you are in need of securing one device or 500, have iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile devices, require server installation support on premise or want services in the cloud, Mobile Security by BES12 is a solid consideration you should make and I can help you with!


My passion is helping and consulting organizations about their mobile security!

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