5 of the Best Types of Encryption Software for BlackBerry Bold

Are you a BlackBerry user who is concerned about the recent increase in data breaches and hacks? The BlackBerry brand has remained popular since the early 2000s and millions of people worldwide still rely on devices such as the BlackBerry Bold for their business and personal needs.

If you are a business owner using your BlackBerry to communicate private data to clients, make sure your device is secure. Your private business information could be worth lots of money on the black market. The good news is that BlackBerry makes it easy to encrypt your data, and there is lots of software available that can help make the encryption process easier for you.

1. GhostPGP

This is probably the most widely used software for encrypting data on BlackBerry devices. Its military-grade software has helped many users to protect their data and to converse through email in total anonymity. Want to upgrade your security measures? A more advanced platform was recently launched, called Ghost2.

2. Secure BlackBerry

The company Secure Group designed this software specifically for BlackBerry devices. Not only will they encrypt your emails, you can count on your BBM messages and chats to be protected too. No one will be able to eavesdrop on your text conversations. What about voice calls? Since phone calls cannot be encrypted, if you are concerned about privacy breaches, Secure allows you to disable voice calls.

3. Ascendo Inc.

This software was specifically designed for the BlackBerry Bold. If you use this model, this is probably your best bet, since the software continues to be optimized on a regular basis. The Ascendo DataVault offers some of the most secure encryption in the industry and keeps all of your private information on lockdown, safe from prying eyes.

4. Gold Lock 3G

The Gold Line Group created this software for both Android and iPhone users, and it has been licensed by the Israel Ministry of Defence due to its military-grade encryption. Both voice and text conversation is protected. Try a 14-day free trial of the software.

5. Phantom Secure

This Android-friendly software will keep your device as secure as possible, whether it is a BlackBerry Curve or BlackBerry Bold or anything in between. Mail and chat services are protected and the Lockbox software keeps notes, passwords, and more hidden behind an encrypted wall.