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BES PGP Encrypted Mobile Security is BIG business… we know, as we have supplied every major BlackBerry/PGP mobile security provider in the world. We do not share this information with anyone, and this aspect of our business is very important to encrypted mobile clients… the need for supply, and confidentiality.

If BES 5 and BES 12 with PGP Encryption is a cornerstone of your business, Then give us a call or contact us.  We have the licenses and IT Architects to help you get set up properly and safely. There are many considerations when thinking of using an encrypted device or setting up an encrypted network.  Thinks like what type of device, who will manage your set up, what country will you host your servers?  How will you  procure devices, SIM Cards are all part  of the discussions we will go over with you when you contact us.


In a word, NO.  As long as your BES is set up properly and located in a privacy friendly country, among other considerations.  There has been so many stories and concerns about the privacy of BES Encrypted Networks, but they are unfounded.  If you are armed with the right information you will see that BES with PGP is still the BEST way to secure your mobile communications.

Marty Beard, BlackBerry COO explained that they do not allow for access to their clients information via a blog post:

The reality is the fact that the Pakistani authorities needed the capability to track all BlackBerry Business Service traffic in the nation, including every BES message as well as BES BBM message. However, we are not going to comply with that kind of instruction. As we’ve said many times, we haven’t done this anywhere on the planet and don’t support “back doors” allowing open access to our customers’ businesses.


Zezel has built it's business on BES. Almost 1,000 clients later - and as we move into the new world of Enterprise Mobility Management, Encryption with BES 12, we still recognize the security and utility of BES, particularly with respect to PGP Encrypted Networks. We have the Client Access Licenses (CALs) and Servers you need so feel free to contact us with your BES PGP requirements by phone, chat window or email message box all found below.


BES 5 CALs for PGP installations - we have 1,5,10,20,50,100,500 and 1,000 Client Access License keys for your setup and configuration. Perpetual CALs - buy once, use forever.

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BES 5 Servers

Looking for servers that are legacy BES 5? We have a couple of the traditional options with 1 CAL and 20 CALs at a wholesale price. We can have them delivered within hours of your order!

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BES / PGP Installation

Thinking of setting up your own BES BlackBerry PGP Encrypted Network but don't know where to start? We can help. From planning to installation to testing and deployment, we do it all!

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