3 Reasons to Use a BlackBerry 9800 for Business

The BlackBerry Bold line is one of the most popular Android devices used by small business owners. It is affordable, sleek, sophisticated, easy to use, and equipped with the innovative BBM messaging system. While you might prefer your BlackBerry 9800 to your friend’s iPhone 7 Plus, Apple users have one important advantage: their iMessage messaging platform is securely encrypted, making every conversation between iPhone users anonymous. BBM, on the other hand, must be encrypted manually. With the help of military-grade encryption software, you can complete this task easily and sleep easier knowing that your private data is safe and protected.

1. Once encrypted, BBM messages are anonymous

Encrypting your text and BBM conversations is as easy as installing encryption software. No matter what private data you share through BBM, you can rest easily knowing that cybercriminals will never be able to access it. Share personal photos? You can be certain they’re locked down. Pass along private information to clients during BBM chats? Don’t worry about them being tracked. Paranoid about voice calls being monitored? Certain software allows you to disable voice calls so nothing can be used against you.

2. You do not mark yourself out as a target.

In this day and age, anonymity has never been more important. While some people might think that encryption makes them appear more suspicious, it is not uncommon for everyday people with nothing to hide who simply value their privacy to set up encryption walls. It’s harder to experience privacy nowadays, and at times you may feel like you are fighting a losing battle. There is no foolproof way to protect yourself from smart and savvy online criminals. But with encryption software specifically designed for devices like the BlackBerry 9800, you are definitely less likely to be a target.

3. Android encryption software meets military standards.

Anyone who thinks that Apple is the only company able to protect their users with military-grade encryption is fooling themselves. Android users with securely encrypted phones have no reason to be afraid that their data will be monitored, shared, or distributed on the deep web. Encryption software is carefully reviewed before being given the stamp of approval from agencies such as the Israel Ministry of Defence. If the military approves this software, there is no reason to doubt that it is reliable enough to protect your sensitive information, too. These are all great reasons to use a BlackBerry 9800 for your business.