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How to Encrypt Your HTC One Phone for Business

More and more people are using Android phones such as the HTC One Phone for business purposes. What many don’t know is how important encryption is if you wish to protect your data from identity theft and other types of cybercriminal activity. Particularly if you use your Android as a

5 of the Best Types of Encryption Software for BlackBerry Bold

Are you a BlackBerry user who is concerned about the recent increase in data breaches and hacks? The encryption software for BlackBerry Bold has remained popular since the early 2000s and millions of people worldwide still rely on devices for their business and personal needs.

If you are a business owner

4 Reasons Why Android Encryption Is Important

You might believe that Android encryption is unnecessary unless you are a celebrity, a politician, or a large corporation. On the contrary, encryption is used by a lot of everyday Android users. If you are considering encrypting your device, you might be surprised at how simple it is.

All major smartphones

3 Reasons to Change Out Your BlackBerry Curve

Contrary to popular belief, encryption is nearly as simple for Android owners as iPhone users, especially if your device is a newer model. Use a popular model such as the BlackBerry Curve? Both Samsung and BlackBerry have been challenged in the past to ramp up their security features, and fortunately,

3 Reasons to Use a BlackBerry 9800 for Business

The BlackBerry Bold line is one of the most popular Android devices used by small business owners. It is affordable, sleek, sophisticated, easy to use, and equipped with the innovative BBM messaging system. While you might prefer your BlackBerry 9800 for Business to your friend’s iPhone 7 Plus, Apple users

Apple and the Pinball Games Maker

This little-known company from Japan that is at center of legal tussle between US government and Apple over hacking of iPhone, built the business on the pinball like game machines and it was almost by accident that it came in to the business of mobile devices security.

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