Re-Seller Activation

Encrypted Network Business Re-seller Activation one time fee. Bonus! Includes $2,500 of Zezel product services credit.

Original price was: $12,750.00.Current price is: $9,750.00.

Re-Seller Activation


Our Re-Seller Activation allows businesses that are focused on overall sales of mobile encryption devices to acquire a mean to manage and support their clients via a web dashboard (aka portal). This normally includes customers with less than 1,000 devices under management. Our Re-Seller clients benefit from improved response times, preferred routing to advanced support from our IT analysts, and you gain access to a group of technical support specialists capable of managing customer escalations to final resolution. Our service will reduce you having to troubleshoot and you can effectively manage your fleet of clients and devices all within your portal.

  • 24×7 Global Access Support
  • Within 3 hours response time for electronically submitted tickets
  • Billing and customer relationship management (CRM) platform
  • Order and sell subscription services
  • Manage User Accounts
  • Provide Support

We offer support in a pooled fashion that leverages the contributions of other clients and distributes the resources where needed.  This ‘insurance style’ model has resulted in a tremendous decrease in the costs associated with BES Technical Support services for our clients. We have 10 years of support and BlackBerry is at the vanguard of Mobile Support.  There’s a Support Solution for your iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Devices so buy with confidence all your support for your Enterprise Mobility Management considerations.

We have become a trusted source for educating and supplying encrypted clients worldwide primarily to two distinct groups:

  1. Small and mid Size IT companies who are looking for low cost implementation of encrypted support and management CRM infrastructure.
  2. Corporations with their own IT staff who have decided to deploy mobile encryption and see that there is greater operational efficiency  if they leverage Zezel L.L.C. as a trusted provider for their requirements.