theZphone –
1 Month Service

Encrypted Email

PGP email client with user-managed encryption keys. No copies of messages or keys are stored on third-party servers.

Encrypted Chat

Encrypted messenger with OTR 1:1 chats, OMEMO group conversations, and ZRTP encrypted calls. No sensitive data reaches the premises of our servers.

Encrypted Vault

Encrypted file storage, allowing to make settings and contact backups, write encrypted notes, and store messages, emails, and whole conversations in a single secure place.

  • End to end encrypted calls, chats connecting to 600 global carriers in 180 countries
  • Unlimited support 24/7 – 365 days per year included
  • Secure wipe if phone is lost or stolen.


theZphone –
1 Month Service

Phone, OS, Applications Built From The Ground Up 



Click here for downloadable PDF about theZphone.

The encrypted mobile device theZphone is built with data protection in mind, achieving a zero-attack-surface solution, with security hardened features able to address the evolving threat landscape.  Our devices are so secure that only another theZphone can communicate with it – no outside devices are permitted.

Global coverage encryption devices 

theZphone can be used worldwide and they will roam on the local carrier networks. You do not need to place any other SIM card in another country. No extra costs.

It is possible again for you to send and receive highly sensitive confidential information with theZphone. Of course, the government is not happy about this. They continue to push for legislation against encrypted mobiles, openly admitting that they are powerless against it!

Device Type: theZphone  Model # X1 

– 1.3 GHz quad-core processor

– 32 GB encrypted storage

– 3 GB RAM

– 3200 mAh battery

– 13 MP rear camera, 5 MP front camera

– 5.5” full HD display

Who uses theZphone services?

This encryption service finds a wide swath of subscribers, from security conscious individuals to public as well as private companies, including government bodies. theZphone encrypted mobile phone is ideal for implementing and supporting a PGP framework. It is a common encryption solution for both businesses and individuals.

Storage and Data

We keep all cryptographic keys only on the theZphone, ensuring that even we cannot access users’ sensitive data. To guarantee greater integrity, we also offer a self-hosted version of our solutions.

Unlimited Data, No Roaming

No need to deal with mobile operators and worry about their access to sensitive communication data. theZphone comes with a multi-IMSI SIM card, which provides unlimited worldwide data coverage.