Why You Should Secure Your BlackBerry 9300

As more and more Android users turn to devices such as the BlackBerry 9300 for business purposes, security measures become increasingly important. If your private data (including client information, photos, and text and video conversations) is important to you, there has never been a better time to encrypt your data securely using encryption software.

If you have not encrypted your Android yet, it might be due to myths you have heard relating to performance lags, or you might simply think it’s not necessary. Unfortunately, those who don’t take the step to securely encrypt their devices open themselves up to a wide range of risks ranging from creepy invasions of privacy to outright identity theft.

Take action

95% of iPhone users’ data is encrypted, compared to only 10% of Android users. This contrast is startling when you consider how many Android owners use their devices for business and networking, as well as sharing personal family photos. The good news is that plenty of software exists for Android users specifically, allowing you to encrypt both BBM and text conversations. If you have privacy concerns involving verbal conversation, you can also easily disable voice calls.

You value your privacy

In the information age, privacy is an issue for everyone, not just public figures and those who work for the government. Even if your business is small, you do not share particularly private information, or you don’t use your phone very often, you are still at risk of having your privacy invaded by cybercriminals. Some of the risks include blackmail, identity theft, financial loss, and more. Even if you are not attacked in such a direct way, not many people would like the thought of a stranger viewing their private information.

Take preventative security measures

You may have heard horror stories about widespread celebrity hacks and assumed that you would never be the victim of such a crime. Think again. Your private information is worth a lot of money on the black market and deep web criminals steal everyday people’s identities every day. The BlackBerry 9300 is a great device for business and personal use, but if it is not securely encrypted, you are making yourself a target.

It’s easy.

Encryption software is affordable and some offer short-term free trials. If you are not satisfied with one, you can wait until the trial is up and try another. The majority of the time, Android encryption only takes approximately one hour of your time. The pros of encrypting your BlackBerry 9300 far outweigh the cons.