4 Reasons Why Android Encryption Is Important

You might believe that Android encryption is unnecessary unless you are a celebrity, a politician, or a large corporation. On the contrary, encryption is used by a lot of everyday Android users. If you are considering encrypting your device, you might be surprised at how simple it is.

All major smartphones are equipped with the capacity to encrypt data. But not many people know that only iPhone users’ messages, sent through the iMessage platform, are automatically encrypted. Android users must take an extra step and encrypt their data themselves.

1. Protection

Even average people’s information can be valuable to hackers, and identity theft can happen to anyone. Encryption protects your device from those who might seek to sell your personal information for a high price on the Dark Web. Many people optimistically believe that “it won’t happen to them,” but there is a booming industry of cybercriminals who seek to steal your information and potentially cause you harm. You might think you’re being paranoid, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

2. Privacy

Even if identity thieves aren’t interested in your information, cyberstalkers can still use it in malicious ways. Data breaches are surprisingly common, as the frequency of celebrity hacking scandals prove. If you have personal photos of yourself or your family that you would prefer not to get out, it is recommended to hide your photo behind a separate passcode.

3. Security over Convenience

There are many prevailing myths about Android encryption, but many of them are inaccurate. The most common belief that Android users hold is that encryption slows their phone down. The reality is, encryption has not been proven to noticeably affect an Android’s performance. Your mileage may vary depending on which model you have, but if your operating system has been recently updated, you should find no significant performance lags.

4. Freedom

If you are a Facebook, Spotify, or Instagram user, you’re already well aware of how these apps use sophisticated algorithms to track your online habits. In these increasingly invasive times, you might want to take a stand against intelligence agencies collecting your information. If you’re annoyed by tailored ads being forced upon you every time you open Facebook, you might wish to encrypt your information. Look into the simple process of Android encryption if you are concerned that Big Brother might be tracking your search history a little too closely.