3 Reasons to Change Out Your BlackBerry Curve

Contrary to popular belief, encryption is nearly as simple for Android owners as iPhone users, especially if your device is a newer model. Use a popular model such as the BlackBerry Curve? Both Samsung and BlackBerry have been challenged in the past to amp up their security features, and fortunately, both brands have rolled out changes that make data encryption easier than ever before.

It’s easy to see that BlackBerry has been taking steps in the right direction for several years now. But there are a few recent changes they have made that are worth being aware of. If you currently use a traditional BlackBerry device for your business, such as the BlackBerry Curve, consider upgrading to the new BlackBerry Priv smartphone, which uses an Android operating system almost equal in protective quality to Apple’s operating system.

What are some of the unique benefits of Priv? Along with being the very first Android phone to run Google’s operating system, it also boasts some of the most sophisticated encryption features in BlackBerry’s history. In their own words, this is a “world-renowned security model” that will allow all BlackBerry users to rest easier, whether they use their phone for business or personal purposes.

1. Hardware Root of Trust.

BlackBerry was one of the first to implement very effective security measures to protect its users from data breaches, hacking, and identity theft. BlackBerry uses a unique process during manufacturing known as the Hardware Root of Trust. This helps to set a solid foundation of protection and security by implementing cryptographic keys into each device’s hardware. Along with the Hardware Root of Trust, BlackBerry devices are also a part of a global security network.

2. Verified Secure Keychain.

You can be sure that every layer of the device is verified, from the hardware to the operating system to any additional applications you use on a daily basis. Nothing will slip past this innovative secure keychain, and cybercriminals will have a very hard time tampering with any part of your device.

3. Full Disk Encryption.

Only 10% of the world’s millions of Android users actually encrypt their data, compared to almost 100% of iPhone users. This is startling information for anyone who values their privacy. But with the BlackBerry Priv, a full disk encryption is there by default, making the process of encryption infinitely easier.

While older models such as the BlackBerry Curve are still being manufactured, it is reasonable to assume that Android is changing their strategy up a bit with new security measures.